Working Safely – Cleaning Your Workstation

Information for correctly cleaning your workstation.


This workstation cleaning guide is part of the resource materials assisting you to safely transition back into the workplace if you have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Principles of cleaning and hygiene of workstations

  • Approved cleaning products (see below) can be ordered on Iproc
  • Iproc order numbers can be located on the Infection Prevention Intranet site
  • Hand hygiene is performed before and after cleaning workstations
  • Cleaning workstations is a daily activity at the start and end of the day or shift for all employees
  • Hot desking arrangements require cleaning at the start and end of each use and the allocation of workstations should be for a shift/day where possible
  • Keep your workstation clean and tidy to enable easier cleaning
  • Use an in-tray or small container to hold personal items and put them away when not using them
  • Wipe down surfaces, keyboards, mouse, phones, desks, screens, phones, handles, switches, plastic display sleeves (if req.) and anything else you have touched using the approved cleaning products
  • Document your cleaning on the ‘Cleaning Record Sheet’ see Appendix 1, by inserting your name, signature, date and time and display in a plastic sleeve on your workstation

Approved cleaning products for workstations

The current approved cleaning product available on Iproc for non-clinical spaces is Pine O Cleen pre-moistened wipes.

  • Order in quantities of 45 or 90:
    • Pine O Cleen Surface Wipes Lemon Lime 45Pk Yellow PACK, Iproc #402434
    • Pine O Cleen Surface Wipes Lemon Lime 90Pk Yellow PACK, Iproc #402435
  • Instructions:
    • hand hygiene before you start
    • open cloth
    • fold in half, then quarters (if the size of cloth allows this)
    • use all four sides of the cloth for each item wiped on your workstation
    • dispose of the cloth in the bin (do not flush down toilets)
    • hand hygiene at the end of cleaning your workstation
    • record your signature, date and time on the ‘Cleaning Record Sheet’ and display in a plastic sleeve at your workstation

Clinical areas should continue to use Clinell wipes for workstation areas and WOWs.

Advice and support

If you need help with cleaning, or sourcing cleaning products, support is available from your Manager in the first instance. Additional specialist advice can be sourced from Infection Prevention who can assist with issues related to cleaning regimes and product advice.

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