Employee Recognition Program

STAR is Monash Health’s employee recognition program and was developed to acknowledge and celebrate the great work of individuals and teams.

STAR – Say Thanks and Recognise

The STAR (Say Thanks And Recognise) program was introduced to focuses on supporting our relentless pursuit of excellence through acknowledging and celebrating individuals and teams, who bring to life and demonstrate their commitment to our guiding principles and values.

We see so many of these extraordinary examples of kindness, respect, and excellence every day across Monash Health in our response to COVID-19 and now is the time to say thank you.


In Pursuit of Excellence

This category recognises an individual, group or team who have personified our intent to be relentless in the pursuit of excellence. This may include:

  • Demonstrating continued improvement in their approach to work.
  • Embodying the principles of teamwork, kindness, achievement and quality.
  • Making an outstanding contribution to the experience of our people, patients or consumers.

Outstanding Care or Service Delivery   

This category recognises an individual, group or team who have achieved outstanding care, or service delivery. This may include:

  • Achieving excellent results in their key performance areas.
  • Delivering a consistently high quality service.
  • Establishing a pattern of continuous performance improvement.

Excellent Experiences  

This award is for an individual, group or team who have made a positive impact to the experience of our people, patients or consumers. This may include:

  • Delivering a consistently excellent experiences for our people, patients or consumers.
  • Improving the quality and consistency of consumer or employee experience.
  • Going the extra mile for the sake of others – displaying respect, humility and kindness.

 Exceptional Teamwork

This award is for individual, group or team who demonstrate outstanding teamwork qualities. This may include:

  • Building an inclusive, high-performing culture.
  • Working together to improve systems, processes and the work environment.
  • Putting quality and kindness at the heart of everything they do.

Excellence in Research, Teaching and Innovation

This award is for an individual, group or team who develop innovative ways to improve the quality of health care and/or service delivery. This may include:

  • Providing quality teaching/education.
  • Developing innovative approaches to enhancing care or service delivery.
  • Undertaking research that brings about significant improvements in clinical quality and safety.

Improving Care and Access

This award is for an individual, group or team that develop improved ways for patients to access and manage their care. This may include:

  • Developing partnerships with our community to enhance patient independence and wellbeing.
  • Supporting prevention and early intervention.
  • Developing new ways to help patients or colleagues feel safe, included, and experience improved equity of care.

Managing Wisely

This award is for an individual, group or team who actively look for ways to minimise waste and manage resources wisely. This may include:

  • Developing or implementing a sustainable initiative that reduces waste and/or cost.
  • Improving resource management to provide value back to the health service.

Excellence in Occupational health, safety and wellbeing

This award recognises an individual, group or team who have put health and safety at the heart of the way they work. This may include:

  • Identifying and where possible eliminating risks in the workplace
  • Supporting employees to report issues and then taking action to “fix” the issue
  • Discusses workplace safety in an open and transparent way – including discussions around safety dashboards, hazards, incidents, and near misses
  • Putting in place employee wellbeing activities and tools that support improved mental health and psychological safety

How do I nominate?

  • Visit the star portal here: https://mhstars.awardsplatform.com/
  • Log in or sign up
  • Start a new entry and select for Award Program: STAR quarterly awards
  • Ensure you complete your nomination by midnight 30 September.
  • Read some examples of excellence from our February award recipients here.

Nominate a STAR colleague

Nominate a STAR colleague or team for the July – September quarter.

MH Stars Awards Platform

Monash Health Stars Awards Platform website

Say Thanks

We recently introduced thank you cards, a meaningful way to let a colleague or team know that you notice and appreciate their efforts especially throughout this period. These cards can be ordered via iProc for a hard copy, or download the E-card and you can email your colleague right away.

Order VIA iProc

iProc order #174422

STAR e-Card template

  • Open /download the e-card template
  • Personalise your message
  • Once personalised content is included File>Save As/Export as pdf
  • Email to your STAR colleague or team
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