Employee testing

Information about COVID-19 screening for employees.


Testing is free. No appointment is necessary for testing. Employees who meet the current DHHS testing criteria or who work on COVID-19 wards will be tested.

To make testing more efficient, make sure you complete the Screening Clinic form (below) and bring it, along with your Medicare card, when you visit the clinic.

How long do results take?

Employee results will be prioritised where possible. However in some circumstances results may take up to three days.

What do I do while I am waiting for my results?

If you are symptomatic, you should return home immediately after the test. You must not come to work and must remain in self-isolation at home until you get your test result.

If you are asymptomatic, but you were tested because someone you live with is unwell and was tested, you can return to work but please contact the COVID-19 Employee Hotline (on 9594 5815 or COVID19employeeenquiries@monashhealth.org) for further advice.

What happens if my test is positive?

If your test is positive, a Public Health Officer will contact you to find out more information and provide you with further information. The Monash Health Infection Prevention team will also support you and discuss the next steps.

Screening Clinics

Monash Health has established a number of screening clinics where people can be tested for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Priority access for employees at screening clinics

Monash Health employees now have all-day priority access at our Dandenong, Clayton and Berwick walk-in screening clinics.

You also have priority access at the all Monash Health drive-through clinics at Dandenong, Cranbourne and Pakenham.

Please bring your Mona​sh Health ID with you to the clinic.

Visit MonashHealth.org for COVID-19 testing locations

Find out about where to get tested for coronavirus

Asymptomatic testing for employees who work on COVID-19 wards

All employees who work on COVID-19 wards qualify for asymptomatic surveillance testing.

Included employees are Medical, Nursing, Allied Health and support employees and include full-time, part-time, casual and agency employees who work on the designated COVID wards.

This program does not include SCOVID wards or wards that have cared for a single COVID patient.

The wards to be included are:

  • Ward C Casey
  • COVID-ICU Casey
  • W3 DDH
  • COVID-ICU Clayton
  • 32 Clayton
  • 42 Clayton

Additionally, employees who have worked to support outbreaks in non-Monash Aged Care facilities also qualify for this testing.

This testing is voluntary and available for employees to have on a weekly basis.

Testing should occur weekly (every 7 days) or if symptoms develop an earlier swab should be undertaken.

Employees who are asymptomatic at the time of testing are not required to self-isolate whilst waiting for their results.

To take part in this testing, please collect a pathology form from the Nurse Manager on the COVID ward that you work in. It is essential that you use this form, otherwise the swab may not be performed, as asymptomatic testing is not recommended routinely outside of this surveillance program.

Have the test performed at any Monash site that is convenient for you, results will be back within 24 hours.

This testing is voluntary.

COVID-19 Surveillance Testing FAQs

Which wards qualify for this screening?

All COVID wards, COVID ICU and community outreach involved in COVID aged care outbreaks.

Who qualifies for the COVID-19 screening?

All those rostered to work in the COVID ward, including nursing, medical, allied health and support employees. This program does not include visiting employees.

I work at another Health Service – can I still get tested at Monash?

Yes, if you work on a Monash Health COVID ward.

I am a visiting staff member to the COVID-19  ward – can I get a swab?

No, this surveillance is only for those rostered on the COVID wards as its about the time you spend in the COVID ward that is important.

I work on a SCOVID ward – can I get a swab?

No, asymptomatic testing is only for those rostered on a COVID ward because this is where you are likely to have contact with multiple positive COVID patients.

Are PSAs included?

Yes, PSAs rostered to a COVID ward can have a test in this program.

 Do I have to be involved in the screening program?

No, the program is voluntary, however, we will send you an anonymous questionnaire to understand your reasoning why you decided not to get a test.

What if I don’t get tested?

This is voluntary; you do not have to get a test, it will not affect your employment in any way, however, if you have symptoms you should get a test and stay off work until the results are known, and you are well.

Can I get tested at a non-Monash Health testing site?

No, because this is asymptomatic surveillance testing, you should go to a Monash Health site for testing.

Where do I get tested?

At any one of our walk-in or drive through testing sites – make sure you bring the slip with you.

Do I need a special form for the test to be done?

Yes, the Nurse Manager will provide the form for you when you are next on-site.

If I have symptoms, do I still get tested in this program?

If you have symptoms, you need to get tested regardless of this program. You need to also stay off work until the result is back.

How often do I get asymptomatic testing done?

You should have the test every 7 days – so best if you choose a day and do it on the same day every week.

Do I need to stay off work and wait for my results?

No, if you have no symptoms, you can continue to work.

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