Employment conditions

Information for Monash Health employees about changes to their employment conditions during COVID-19.

Don’t come to work if you are unwell

We know Monash Health employees are an extremely dedicated and committed workforce and will go above and beyond to serve our community. However, COVID-19 poses a real threat to our most vulnerable Victorians and can be transmitted by anyone, no matter how well-intentioned they are.

Please keep yourself, your colleagues and our community safe and do not come to work if you are feeling unwell.

Fixed-term employees

I am a fixed term employee, how will COVID-19 affect my contract?

Generally COVID-19 will not impact on your fixed term contract. There may be exceptions where the service you are working in has been significantly impacted by COVID-19, for example it has been substantially reduced or shut down temporarily. If you have been impacted as a result of COVID-19 changes you should speak with your manager and People and Culture Business Partner. You may also wish to complete a Workforce Mobilisation Profile which assists the Workforce Mobilisation Team to identify people with additional skills, qualifications and specialities that may be required to assist in our fight against COVID-19.

Please refer to the Workforce Mobilisation Team page for further information.

Casual and part-time employees

Casual and part-time employees who have been disadvantaged by changes to work patterns as a result of COVID-19 disruptions should visit the Casual and part-time employees page on this website for more information.

Working from home

What will I be paid if I work from home?

You will be entitled to receive your usual pay when working from home including any applicable allowances in accordance with your Enterprise Agreement.

Am I entitled to compensation for working from home?

There is no special payment, allowance or compensation related to working from home. You will be entitled to payments and allowances where relevant in accordance with your relevant Enterprise Agreement. You may wish to seek independent financial advice to understand any expenses you may be able to claim on your tax return.

Will my car parking deductions be reimbursed if I am working from home?

If you have been working at home, when you return to working onsite permanently you can ask your manager to log a payroll query to apply for reimbursement of car parking deductions made when you were working from home.

If you worked from home for only part of your contracted hours, you will only be reimbursed for the days you worked from home.

Workforce Retention Bonus Grant – Residential Aged Care and Aged Home Care

On 24 March 2020, the Commonwealth Government announced a Workforce Retention Bonus Grant to support the continuity of the aged care workforce in residential and home care.

Who is eligible for the workforce retention bonus?

Direct care workers in residential aged care facilities and aged home care who are employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis providing clinical and personal care and allied health workers are eligible for the payment.

In residential aged care and aged persons mental health facilities, the following employees are eligible:

  • Registered Nurses (some exclusions apply where they do not provide direct care)
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Health care workers/Personal care workers
  • Allied Health Assistants
  • Health Care Workers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychiatric Services Officers

In aged home care, Health Care Workers in Community are eligible.

Further, employees need to be employed by Monash Health at the time the application is made by Monash Health to be eligible for the bonus payments.

How much is the bonus payment?

There are two bonus payments of up to $800 for residential aged care workers and up to $600 for aged care home care workers.

The first payment is for employees who are employed in June 2020 and are employed at the time Monash Health makes the application for the bonus payments. The second payment is for employees who received the first payment and continue to be employed at 31 August 2020.

When will the bonus payments be made?

Monash Health will be making the application for the bonus payments on 10 July 2020.

For employees employed in June 2020, the payments are expected to be made in late July or August 2020.

It is expected that the second payment will be made in September 2020.

How much will I receive?

The payment is based on the hours worked by an eligible employee in the four weeks before the application date. Monash Health will use hours of work during June 2020 to assess hours worked and the payment amount.

If you have been employed for less than four weeks, you are still eligible. Your payment will be based on your average hours in a week since their employment commenced.

Hours worked in the previous four weeksPercentage received
3 – 7.5 hours per week20%
More than 7.5 and up to 15 hours per week40%
More than 15 and up to 22.5 hours per week60%
More than 22.5 and up to 30 hours per week80%
More than 30 hours per week100%

An example of what an employee can expect to be paid (gross amount):

Eligible employees 3-7.5 hours per week More than 7.5 and up to 15 hours per week More than 15 and up to 22.5 hours per week More than 22.5 and up to 30 hours per week More than 30 hours per week
Residential aged care $160$320$480$640$800
Aged Home Care $120$240$360$480$600

How do I receive the second payment?

The second payment will be based on your average hours worked in June unless there is a change to your hours of work, in which case Monash Health may submit a variation request to vary the second payment.

Are the payments subject to taxation?

Yes, the payments are considered income and will be subject to income tax.

Will Monash Health make superannuation contributions on the payments?

No, the payments are exempt from the superannuation guarantee.

Who makes the payment to eligible employees?

Monash Health will make the payments directly to eligible employees via Payroll Services.

If you have any queries in relation to your eligibility, please contact Katie Durdin – People and Culture Business Partner Residential Services 0438 022 957 / katie.durdin@monashhealth.org

Additional allowances

Am I entitled to the JobKeeper allowance if my area closes down?

Employees of Monash Health will not be entitled to claim the JobKeeper allowance because Monash Health does not meet the eligibility criteria.

Am I entitled to any additional allowances for working in a COVID-19 ward?

No, there are no special allowances relating to COVID-19. You will be entitled to any relevant allowances that apply from your Enterprise Agreement.

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