Employee wellbeing programs

For more information about the internal health and wellbeing programs and initiatives available to Monash Health employees, volunteers, and their families.

The Wellbeing Wrap

The Wellbeing Wrap is a monthly health and wellbeing newsletter sent to all our employees.​ The newsletter focuses on health and wellbeing news, events, resources and support programs available for all our employees.

Keep an eye out for next month’s edition!

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service is confidential and available for all Monash Health employees, immediate family members and volunteers for short term counselling and coaching support.

Provided by Converge International, the EAP service aims to assist you in meeting any challenges or demands you may be facing in your work or personal life.

The service is available Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm with an after-hours service available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Bookings and enquiries

To make a booking visit the Converge International website. For further enquiries please call Converge International on 1300 687 327 or email Converge International.

Converge International Portal

For more information about the services available within the EAP, log in to the Converge International Portal. The username and password for the Portal are both ‘monashhealth’.  

The Portal also includes a range of resources, articles and tools to help support your health and wellbeing, including the monthly edition of Flourish Magazine

Converge International also facilitates our Leading Mentally Healthy Teams Sessions for our department and second-in-charge managers.

Fitness Passport

Your Fitness Passport membership is designed exclusively around the gyms and pools you and your colleagues want to use. You select the facilities and, once approved, you can visit them all! 

  • Unlimited visits across all fitness facilities in your program – potentially 200+ locations 
  • Individual and Family memberships available 
  • Discounted fortnightly direct debit 
  • Simple hassle-free swipe access on entry 
  • Full facility access can include gyms, group classes and pools 

What does a membership typically cost?  

We anticipate the arrangement will cost:  

  • Individual membership: Less than $15 p/week 
  • Family membership: Less than $25 p/week  

You get more choice, more convenience and better value than a traditional gym membership (around $19 p/week). Sign up for a family membership for you, your partner and children under 18 and experience even greater savings! 

Before we can proceed with this potential program, we need your say! You can take this short survey to register your interest and nominate your desired fitness facilities.  

The survey is now open until Sunday 20 November 2022 and takes less than two minutes to complete.  

It is important we get as many people in our workplace to complete this survey to get the program off the ground for us all.  

The information you provide will only be used for the development of this program and kept strictly confidential. Remember, your answers will influence the final decision so please take part.  

Mental Health Training Program 

All employees have access to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Program on LATTE. The program aims to provide practical ways to increase workplace resilience and empower you to look after your own mental health and the mental health of your colleagues. 

Each of the modules addresses a key focus area of mental health and wellbeing and consists of an eLearning package, a podcast and supporting resources. 

Accessing the program 

To access the Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Program log in to LATTE and search ‘mental health and wellbeing’ under the ‘Find Learning’ tab.  

There are two programs available, Mental Health and Wellbeing – Managers and Mental Health and Wellbeing – Employees. The programs are self-paced, and you can revisit the materials at any time. 

Digital Wellbeing Series

All employees can access the Digital Wellbeing Series by The Resilience Project which includes 10x three-minute videos covering a range of topics from gratitude, emotional literacy, sleep and exercise.

Each video covers a different topic and shares new strategies you can slowly introduce into your daily routine to help prioritise your health and mental wellbeing. To make new lasting habits, it is important to start small, add in one change at a time and remain consistent.

Accessing the program

To access the Digital Wellbeing Series log in to LATTE and search ‘The Resilience Project’ under the ‘Find Learning’ tab.

Employee Wellbeing Forums

The Employee Wellbeing Forums, held monthly, cover a range of topics to support employees’ to prioritise their health and wellbeing, and those of their colleagues and loved ones.

The Forums provide practical discussions, resources, and information to empower employees to access support services and learn wellbeing strategies to implement into their daily routines.

Upcoming events

For details about upcoming Employee Wellbeing Forums, access the Health & Wellbeing category in Upcoming events.

To watch past Employee Wellbeing Forums, visit the Past events webpage and search ‘health and wellbeing’.

Employee benefits

In addition to our health and wellbeing programs, Monash Health offers a range of employee benefits, including those provided by our partners.  

For more information about the various benefits and how to access them, read the Employee benefits page in the Employee Handbook and on the Monash Health website. You can also learn more about some of our offerings directly below: