High Risk Foot Clinic launched

Monash Health today launched its High Risk Foot Clinic at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.

Head of Podiatry and Allied Health Administration Gillian Butcher said the clinic caters for chronic conditions and employs a broad-based approach.

“It’s been proven in research across the world that the best outcomes for a high risk foot is through a multidisciplinary approach,” she said.

“Anything that takes longer than four weeks to heal is considered a chronic wound. For example, if you’ve got diabetes and no sensation, you can injure yourself. If you’ve got poor circulation on top of that, you have trouble healing it.

“So, with our High Risk Foot Clinic, we have a multidisciplinary approach where we have our endocrinologists, our vascular surgeons, our podiatrists, our dieticians, our social workers and our diabetes educators all in the one place – so everyone can meet with the patient and plan what the best outcome would look like. This includes the sort of treatment we can provide and making sure it’s patient-centred.

“We do have a high risk clinic over at Dandenong Hospital and we’ve long wanted one here so our patients don’t have to travel. Not only will we double the number of high risk patients we can see but we can provide a better service to those in this catchment area.”

Gillian said her team was delighted with the new development and the opportunities it will provide.

“We get great satisfaction out of what we do and it’s exciting that we’ve added social work to this clinic and also at Dandenong; this will help our patients cope with whatever outcome they have and receive the psychosocial support they need.

“We love our work and we specialise in it in the hospital setting. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, obviously, but this is where we make a difference in the most challenging of cases.”

When pressed on the key to good foot health, Gillian said: “Having a look at your feet, every day!”

Gill Butcher with Podiatry-themed cupcakes to celebrate the launch


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