Congratulations to Suzanne Kenneally

Congratulations to Suzanne Kenneally, Teacher at Monash Children’s Hospital School, who was recently featured in the Australian Teacher Magazine.

Suzanne shared her journey working with our patients and the unique challenges of teaching in a hospital setting.

“The number of students coming in and out of the school makes having a conventional curriculum impossible. Instead, teachers sit down with each student and develop an individualised plan.”

“On any given day teachers could be going to a bedside to offer one-on-one tuition, but we also offer groups and the students can come out of their room to participate in a group.”

Suzanne is motivated to help our patients learn to overcome challenges and build resilience.

“I think that every teacher’s aim is to make a difference in young people’s lives, but we have a unique opportunity to do that in a really meaningful way and at quite a difficult time of life for a lot of young people.”

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