Keeping ourselves safe as we care for others

Guest Columnist: Karen Lowe


We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace.

We have strong processes in place, and we support your managers to keep you safe. But health and safety isn’t something your manager can entirely do for you – we need to work together to look after ourselves and our colleagues.

With this in mind, we have updated our Health and Safety Strategy – creating a clear, achievable plan to make Monash Health a safer place to work.

We have built this strategy on four pillars:

        1. Promote: Encouraging you to take ownership of your health and safety by engaging with our support systems.
        2. Protect: Ensuring we have processes in place to enable us to identify and fix issues and to support people recovering from workplace illness or injury.
        3. Prevent: Proactively minimising the risk of illness or injury by putting safeguards in place.
        4. Support: Supporting you through Monash Care, a program that encompasses all of our health and well-being support and training initiatives.


These four pillars support our Occupational Health and Safety targets:

        • Halve the number of lost time injuries sustained
        • 100% completion of all workplace inspections each quarter
        • 100% completion of all actions from the previous month
        • 100% completion of OHS mandatory training


We are publishing our progress against these targets regularly, via email, TV screens and screensavers, because your health and safety is too important to ignore.

Please take a fresh look over your workplace and flag any concerns with your manager. Then take a moment to read and understand our Health and Safety Strategy. Together, we can keep everyone safe at work.

Take care,

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