Refugee Week 16 – 22 June

Refugee Week is an annual activity aiming to raise awareness about refugee issues, and celebrate the valuable contribution refugees make to Australian society. #WithRefugees is the continuing theme for Refugee Week 2019. This theme seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the refugee journey and to celebrate the positive contribution that refugees make to Australian society.

Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs has one of the largest communities of people from refugee backgrounds in Victoria. As such, Monash Health has a long-standing commitment to improving the health of asylum seekers and refugees, best illustrated by the multidisciplinary refugee service, Refugee Health and Wellbeing, located at 122 Thomas st, Dandenong. After years of working closely with local refugee communities, Refugee Health and Wellbeing has become familiar with stories of the tragic circumstances that bring asylum seekers and refugees to Australian shores. However, an abundance of successes have also been witnessed, highlighting the many ways that refugee communities embrace new opportunities with strength, resilience, and determination.

As we approach Refugee Week, it is timely to reflect on the diverse journeys of others, consider our personal roles in creating a fair, just, and inclusive society, and celebrate the diversity that makes Australia a vibrant and culturally-rich nation.

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