Introducing Monash Health’s updated visual identity

Following the launch of our Strategic Plan, we are making adjustments to our visual identity, to ensure it reflects Monash Health as a leading clinical and academic health service.

Our community expects us to be forward-looking and relevant, not just in the services we provide, but also in the way we communicate. Increasingly that communication is through digital media, and our new visual identity works just as well on phone screens as it does on large hospital signs.

A new logo

We have introduced an emblem to use alongside the Monash Health name. Over time, our patients and consumers will associate this emblem with us and will know they are under our care when they see it.


We manage our resources wisely, so wherever possible, we will seek no-cost and low-cost opportunities to update our logo, colours and designs.

We will introduce the new visuals on new communications and assets, replacing existing items as they reach the end of their service life. This approach will allow us to replace building signage as we deliver new buildings or redevelopments and to replace print materials as we deplete existing stocks.

The new designs have been developed to sit well with the existing ones to ensure that this transition process works effectively.

Over the coming weeks, you will start seeing our new visual identity being used across Monash Health. It will appear first on our websites, intranet and social media, then on our new capital works, including the Casey Hospital expansion project. Next, it will be used in electronic document templates and later new uniforms and printed documents as existing stocks are run out.

Please feel free to direct any queries to

Visit the visual identity website here:

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