We are proud to launch Monash Voices

Yesterday at the Kindness Café event, we launched Monash Voices, a library of patient, family and staff stories that can be accessed for coaching and education.

The event began with brilliant, rich sound from the Invictus Quartet and beautiful visuals from Debbie from the Sketch Group who sketched the event.

Linda, Chair of the Consumer Advisory Committee, introduced Monash Voices “it’s a first for a hospital and a brilliant opportunity for Monash Health.”

Professor Catherine Crock AM followed to share the story about the creation of the Hush Foundation.

“I love hearing stories and doing something about it! Art is at the heart of healthcare,” said Professor Catherine Crock AM.

Maria Garrubba from Centre for Clinical Effectiveness offered some research highlights into the benefits of the Arts (such as storytelling) in Healthcare.

Then we heard from Monash’s very own story-sharers including Consumer Advisor Pauline Hopkins, Dr Rachel Rosler and Psychiatry Registrar Dr Kieran Allen.

“When you value communication, it builds the strength of an organisation,” said Pauline Hopkins.

Writer in Residence, Amy Maddison explained the importance of storytelling, how to use the resources, and how you can get involved as a Monash Voices story gatherer!

Monash Health are proud to launch Monash Voices. For more information, visit the Monash Voices intranet page.

Copyright Monash Health. Not for use without prior written permission.

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