Monash Imaging Transformational Change Initiative

On July 15 the Radiology department will undergo a significant transformational change initiative, moving from a ‘generalist’ to ‘subspecialty’ service model.

Leading the change is A/Prof Ronnie Ptasznik, Director of Clinical Imaging Services, Monash Health CMIO, “We are anticipating significant benefits to patients, Monash Imaging staff and referrers alike”.

The new model of radiology service provision will look to improve efficiency within the department, promote professional satisfaction of radiologists as they pursue areas of clinical interest, and develop diagnostic imaging expertise in registrars and non-medical clinical staff within Monash Imaging.

Patient care and management will be enhanced through the highest achievable standard in imaging diagnosis, consultation and reporting, as well as decreased wait time for procedures.

Referrers will have ready access to subspecialist opinion and advice as Monash Imaging aligns itself with the international trend toward radiological subspecialisation.

The subspecialty radiology model will enable Monash Health to be the Employer of Choice for young radiologists wishing to achieve international recognition in a chosen subspecialty, and will place Monash Imaging in an optimum position to leverage the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the near future.

A HUGE thank you goes to each member of the Monash Imaging team who has gone above and beyond to make the subspecialty idea become a reality.

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