NEW iPM training for administrative ward employees

When the EMR is live, patient registrations and admissions will occur upon their arrival, 24/7. The admission performed in iPM/WebPAS will create an active encounter in the EMR, and enable our treating teams to commence documenting and ordering for the patient, seamlessly and safely, in real time.

We want to prepare our administrative ward employees, and ensure you are all ready to transform our level of patient care, from EMR Go-Live.

What’s happening?

To accommodate the new workflow, iPM training will change on Monday 1 August to ensure our people are comfortable admitting patients at point of care, at any time.

Which administrative employees does this affect?

All departments will be required to complete iPM training, including:

  • All administrative ward employees currently using iPM (i.e. Ward Clerks).
  • All administrative ward employees who will commence using iPM as a result of the EMR Go-Live (e.g. ED, Imaging).
  • All administrative ward employees who need to refresh or review their iPM training.


How can you prepare?

From Thursday 1 August, both basic training, and training tailored to specific administrative ward functions, will be available for you to access. This online component of the training will be available on the Learning Management System, LATTE. Some functions may also require face-to-face training in addition to the online component.

What next?

Please ask your manager to book you into training. For more information on how to access and book iPM training now, please visit the HIS website.

If you, or your manager, have any questions about the iPM updates please contact HIS Support on extension 47721 or email the HIS Support Team

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