All employees providing patient care, complete 60-minute EMR View Only training now

All employees who provide patient care, and have not completed their EMR online training, are required to complete EMR View Only training prior to Monday 19 August.

When the EMR is live at Dandenong and Cranbourne, inpatient, critical care and perioperative patients at the two sites will have a record created for them in the EMR.

Patients from ‘live’ sites will not travel with a full paper record when they are transferred to, or present at, ‘non-live’ sites.

Regardless of which site you are working at, in order to continue to provide safe and seamless care for patients already on the EMR, you need to complete the EMR ‘View Only’ online training.

This will equip you to be confident and capable to log onto the EMR and view the most up-to-date information on existing patient records.

Unless you have already completed your EMR online training, all employees providing patient care across all our sites are required to complete EMR ‘View Only’ training on LATTE prior to Monday 19 August.

You can access the module, and associated quiz, via our online learning management system, LATTE. Instructions can be found in the Accessing EMR View Only via LATTE QRG.

This module should take approximately one hour to complete.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the EMR Training Team.

For more details about your learning journey on the EMR, go to the EMR website.

All employees, providing patient care complete 60 minute ‘View Only’ training now!

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