Code Pink is changing and coming to Casey

From 5 August 2019 respondents to a Code Pink will be the maternity team (medical and midwifery) and nursing coordinator only.

Anaesthetic and neonatal teams no longer need attend.

When to call?

Always call a code if concerned – do not hesitate.

Code Pink response includes but is not limited to:

  • Shoulder dystocia
  • PPH
  • APH
  • Seizure (eclampsia suspected)
  • Fetal compromise (abnormal CTG not requiring Code Green)
  • Dinoprostone hyperstimulation
  • Imminent birth outside of birth suite
  • Imminent complex birth (eg breech, preterm)

Additional help required / anticipated?

For anaesthetic support call:

  • 3051 at Monash Medical Centre Clayton
  • 3054 at Dandenong Hospital
  • 3053 at Casey Hospital

For neonatal support call 999 Neonatal Code Blue

Further emergency response if required: MET, Adult Code Blue, Code Green.

Detailed information will be available on Prompt from Monday 5 August 2019: Code pink – Maternity Emergency Procedure

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