Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week is 5 – 11 August, and the theme this year is ‘How’s Your Oral Health Tracking?’

This week our Dental Services team will focus on improving the oral health of people who are either at risk or diagnosed with diabetes.

People with diabetes are at higher risk of tooth problems and gum disease, so our team will be conducting a risk assessment for Type 2 diabetes for all dental patients using the AUSDRisk tool.

High risk patients will be educated about their risk of developing diabetes and it’s implication on oral health, and will be referred to their General Practitioner for further consultation about managing their diabetes risk.

Clinicians will also complete the Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN) for all patients, which is an epidemiological screening procedure for periodontal (gums and associated structures) treatment needs.

Our dental sites at Berwick, Cranbourne, Dandenong and Springvale will have health promotion booths to educate staff and patients about the importance of good oral health.

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