Reporting on Bullying, Harassment and Code of Conduct violations

We are committed to providing you with a safe and inclusive workplace, free from bullying and harassment, where everyone is treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. As part of this commitment, every quarter we publicly report to you on bullying and harassment.

During the last quarter April to June 2019:

  • We substantiated three breaches of the Code of Conduct but no bullying or harassment complaints.
  • Eight new complaints of bullying and harassment were lodged, four of these matters were finalised with the remaining four still under investigation.
  • Six investigations from the previous quarters were finalised.
  • Six employees withdrew their complaints of bullying and harassment.

The complete figures for 2018 and 2019 are:


We take this process seriously. So far in 2019, as a result of substantiated bullying, harassment and Code of Conduct violations, we have issued three warnings, and there has been one resignation and one termination of employment.

I strongly encourage you to speak up if you witness, or are subject to, inappropriate or harmful behaviour:

  • You can speak to your manager in the first instance.
  • You can contact HR directly on 9265 2724, or email
  • Stop Line, the Monash Health Integrity Hotline, enables employees within Monash Health to report instances of improper conduct within the workplace. The Integrity Hotline is an independent, third party organisation to which matters of improper conduct can be reported, anonymously if preferred. The purpose of the Integrity Hotline is to enable you to report suspected or actual improper conduct in the workplace in a safe, confidential and protected manner. You can call Stop Line on 1300 304 550.
  • You can get in touch with me directly via email or phone.


The Bullying and Harassment Policy is located on PROMPT for you to review at any time.


In this year’s People Matter survey, 74% of you agreed that we take steps to eliminate bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment. This is 7% higher than comparator health services. This year, we will continue to take further steps to prevent bullying and harassment and create a safe and inclusive workplace for all our employees.


Kind regards



Karen Lowe

Executive Director – People & Culture

Monash Health | Corporate Services
T (03) 9594 2733



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