Dandenong Maternity is feeling ‘super’ about the EMR

In the lead up to EMR Go-Live 1, we discovered something super is afoot at Dandenong Hospital’s Maternity Ward. Acting Rose Quartz Team Leader, Tania Sharrock, spent five minutes with us to explain how the Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) gained their super power status.

Can you describe how the idea for naming the WOWs came about?

Having a competition to name the WOWs was something that I heard in an early meeting about the devices. I discussed the idea with our Director of Clinical Operations, Helen  Diamandis, and she was really supportive, so I held a competition that was open to all of the team.

How did Superheroes and heroines become the preferred option?

We had some amazing and very creative suggestions come through, over 50 in total. Once I sorted through the entries, I submitted them to one of our consultants and Helen to decide on their two favourites. We settled on Superheroes and heroines because it was much easier to continue the theme through to things like plates and napkins for some snacks during Go-Live. The Seven Dwarves was also a popular suggestion, but I didn’t think having the team reference ‘Sleepy’ and ‘Grumpy’ was ideal for our consumers to hear!

What did you and the team think when you first saw the WOWs and other EMR devices, and what do you think of them now?

Mostly we were really excited about being able to take the computers into the rooms, as this will make patient assessment much more streamlined. Some of the team were initially a bit wary of the new piece of technology, but since we have been able to use them, they have really come around.

Can you describe the vibe at Dandenong Maternity now that Go-Live is imminent?

Excited, inquisitive, a little bit of trepidation and a real sense that our teamwork will help us get through the initial challenge of Go-Live.

What do you think the best thing will be for our patients and our employees once the EMR is live?

Being able to bring the computers to the bedside will make our assessments and discharge planning so much more streamlined. There will be no need to leave the room to find results or document education and discussions, allowing us to be with the women we are caring for. Also, our medical colleagues will be able to order and review tests from other parts of the hospital which will enable us to provide more efficient and effective care to our women and babies.

Any top tips for your colleagues across Monash Health about preparing for the EMR?

It doesn’t matter if it is a WOW-naming competition, or a star chart for your team members who have completed their training, or short discussions at huddles – just keep the conversations going.

What’s the first thing you’ll want to do after Go-Live?

Celebrate the transition with our team, and assist the other sites with their Go-Lives…and then a nice break somewhere sunny.

Any other words of wisdom you’d like to add about your experience with the EMR and the devices?

Start using the devices as soon as they arrive on your wards. You can look up pathology results, check emails and complete your e-Learning and practise sessions on the devices. Getting everyone familiar and comfortable with the WOWs prior to Go-Live is one less thing to worry about.

And lastly, we know Monash Health employees are Superheroes and heroines, but if you and the team were a fictional Superhero, who would it be?

Captain Marvel, because she is a strong character, who has superhuman stamina, durability and agility. Our amazing team have all of these traits and work together to provide excellent care to our women, babies and their families.

Thank you to Tania and the team at Dandenong Hospital Maternity Ward for your insight into the EMR devices and how to put them to good use pre-Go-Live.

There’s no stopping the WOWs as EMR device rollout continues at Clayton. Make the most of your devices as soon as they arrive. Find out more here and in the Device Information tab.


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