Excellence in public sector aged care

The excellence in public sector aged care award celebrates programs and services that meet the needs of the increasing number of older Victorians. Congratulations Fiona McAlinden, Jacinta Re, Justine Little and Jaye Toulson for, Guardianship in Hospitals: A Health Services/OPA Pilot Program.

This initiative aimed to reduce the time hospital patients with a cognitive impairment wait to be allocated a guardian advocate.

A dedicated hospital guardian team was created within the Office of the Public Advocate, funded by Monash Health, Eastern Health and Alfred Health.

Since its introduction two years ago 181 hospital patients benefited from this service. The time spent waiting in hospital from guardianship order lodgement to guardian allocation has decreased from 46.5 to 16.2 days.

The overall reduction in hospital bed days equates to savings of over $3.4M; a 5:1 return on investment. This benefits vulnerable patients and improves access to healthcare and guardianship.

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