Compassionate care award

The compassionate care award is for individuals, teams and organisations who demonstrate outstanding compassion, empathy and care for their patients. The award recognises an individual, team or organisation that has made a significant difference to patient care by acting on patient needs, values and preferences.

Congratulations to Dr Marcela Mautone, Prof Tim Buckenham, Dr Michael Franco, Dr Duncan Syme & Mrs Helen Richards for, Tunnelled peritoneal catheter for domiciliary drainage of malignant ascites.

Ascites is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity that can develop in the late stages of malignant diseases. This group of cancer patients do not respond to simple therapies and require needle aspirations (paracentesis), which places a great burden on patients and their caregivers.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department and Interventional Radiology, in partnership with Oncology and Hospital in the Home (HITH), developed a palliative solution that allows this subgroup of patients to be treated effectively at home with a tunnelled paracentesis catheter.

This initiative has improved the quality of life and comfort of our terminally ill oncology patients as it removes the need for regular admissions to day stay for paracentesis in a hospital setting.

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