Whole of hospital model for responding to family violence

Whole of hospital model for responding to family violence focuses on improving the health response to family violence for patients and their families via systemic change including processes and systems, creating awareness of family violence, building skills in sensitive inquiry and developing partnerships.

Congratulations to The Family Violence Unit for Building a robust system-wide response to family violence.

Our catchment has one of the highest family violence rates in the State, and we are the first port of call for many suffering the health impacts of family violence,

The Monash Health Family Violence Unit has been working to establish a robust system to identify victims early, and improve responses and referrals in a complex health service of over 18,000 staff.

We are embedding an improved organisational approach for patients and employees with strong executive level support.

A family violence policy and clinical guidelines have been published, over 4000 staff have been educated, and system changes made to improve data collection methods.

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