Improving workforce wellbeing and safety

The Improving workforce wellbeing and safety focuses on improving the health and safety of staff through OH&S improvement initiatives to address areas of high risk, in particular, on reducing occupational violence and aggression, building a safe and respectful organisational culture and preventing and responding to bullying and harassment.

Congratulations to Jennine Harbrow, Jane McCormick & Irene Razos for, Portable Duress Alarms – Improving health & safety for our Mobile Workforce.

The demand for health care in the home is increasing, and we currently have approximately 1,000 employees who deliver services in clients/patients homes.

The portable duress alarms – Me Personal Alarm Care Service (MePACS) system was introduced to ensure that employees undertaking off site visits feel safe and protected as they enter potentially unpredictable environments.

The alarm connects employees directly to a monitored call centre providing a 24 hour response to an emergency call and provide immediate assistance when required.

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