EMR Clinical transition teams get the job done

The outstanding work of our clinical transition teams at Dandenong wrapped up on Friday, with the team successfully transcribing the medical information of almost 400 consumers, from paper into the electronic system, over four days.

The transition ran so well that two wards were able to move completely to the EMR one day ahead of schedule.

Go-Live Manager Michael Franco said that, led by Nurse Managers, our clinical employees’ enthusiasm and commitment paved the way for a safe and smooth transition.

“It’s a big undertaking,” said Michael. “The fact that everyone got on board and embraced the challenge meant that we were able to get the job done.”

“Our teams safely and accurately transcribed vital medical information for our consumers, while ensuring employees outside the EMR program understood and felt supported in the process.”

“The hard work of our clinicians on the wards, and our ability to work collaboratively, meant this was more than just an exercise in moving to the EMR.”

“It’s about how we work together to prioritise best practice and outstanding patient outcomes, and we can be very proud of that.”

With Cranbourne Centre’s Go-Live involving only day patients, the Clinical Transition Team will now return to their substantive roles in the organisation, before returning to Clayton for Go-Live Two.

Wondering what Go-Live looks like? Take a look behind the scenes of Go-Live One in our EMR Go-Live Gallery!

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