Monash Imaging move to improve Aboriginal welcome

Monash Imaging have embraced the opportunity to make their areas more welcoming for Aboriginal people with acknowledgement posters, information about our Aboriginal services and flags now in all waiting and receptions areas.

Flags and the acknowledgement scripts are also in Monash Imaging meeting rooms.

For anyone else interested in making a difference in their Department, we have the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag sets back in stock.

So if you notice a Monash Health meeting room without one or missing the framed Acknowledgment of Country policy contact Isabelle Howard, Project Lead, Aboriginal Health at

This is just one of many actions in the Equity and Inclusion Strategy 2018-2023 that will help Monash Health become a more welcoming service for Aboriginal people. Another is to say the Acknowledgement of Country at the beginning of meetings. More details here or visit PROMPT.

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