Sepsis risk alert generated by EMR enables important early intervention

Clinicians have been alerted to early signs of sepsis in a consumer in our Short Stay Unit at Dandenong Hospital, thanks to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

The EMR takes documented clinical observations, such as blood pressure, temperature and glucose levels, to calculate a consumer’s sepsis risk. An alert is then generated, allowing the treating team to tailor their care as required.

Our clinical teams are always on the alert for clinical risk. The additional assistance provided by the EMR reduces the likelihood of some of these issues being missed.   And we know that identifying and acting on a sepsis risk early can reduce the likelihood of more invasive treatment, ICU admission and mortality.

The EMR also sees pathology results and can alert the team as soon as abnormal results are found.

This is one of the many ways the EMR is enhancing the way we deliver care, with benefits both for clinicians and consumers.

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