What’s cooking?

The Integrated Community Health Team in partnership with City of Casey and Berwick Rooming House recently facilitated the “What’s Cooking?” workshop.

House Manager Jacqui had raised concerns with the City of Casey (Connected Communities) about the nutrition of meals being prepared by residents of Berwick Rooming house. They identified that many residents did not really consider or understood healthy options when preparing meals. This of course would impact on residents’ overall health and wellbeing.

Our brief was to provide education about healthy and nutritious meal prep, and we developed an interactive, fun cooking program focusing on fresh foods and healthy, nutritious choices.

Each week Dietitian Henry Leung provided a recipe card to the residents, explained the benefits and reasons for the ingredients, and facilitated a cooking session. After the session, they shared the fruits of their labour with other rooming house residents. The program ran for 4 weeks, with 1 workshop per week.

According to House Manager Jacqui “The workshop was a huge success because it was hands on and everyone felt involved”.

Residents had a great time and learned how to incorporate healthy and nutritious choices into their everyday meal preparation while actually doing it.

One participant expressed her appreciation: “Thanks for giving us the recipes, I will definitely use them again”.

Another summed it up well: “it was the best group we ever had”.

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