Dr Arvind Sehgal wins award for Cardiorespiratory Research

Research by Neonatologist and Head of Cardiovascular Research at Monash Children’s Hospital Dr Arvind Sehgal was awarded the 2019 Emerge Health Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network Award for Cardiorespiratory Research. The award also provides funding towards presenting his research at the Annual Meeting of ‘Sharing Progress in Neonatology’, to be held in Maastricht, The Netherlands next year.

The research focussed on cardiovascular adaptation in preterm infants, and contributes to a better appreciation as to how this cohort adapts to premature birth and low birthweight in the early weeks of life. The effects of compromised placental circulation secondary to preeclampsia may be seen in the form of slow or delayed adaptation & persistently elevated pulmonary vascular resistance. Dr Sehgal is also a Professor with the Department of Paediatrics at Monash University, and presented some of his work at the recent Pregnancy/preeclampsia Symposia held at the Clayton campus in October.

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