Cyber Alert: Increased email security measures

Within the last 48 hours there has been an increase in cyber security attacks across government agencies including healthcare in Victoria.

These attacks have taken the form of malicious e-mails containing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel attachments containing a virus called Emotet.

In response to these increased cyber-attack threat levels Monash Health has introduced additional email security measures.

What will change?

All emails received from external sources containing Microsoft Word or Excel document attachments will now have these attachments delivered to your e-mail account as PDF files.

These emails will also include an additional attachment titled “We sent you a safe version of your files”.

In the event you need to access the original attachment follow the steps below;

  1. If in doubt, after reviewing the contents of the pdf attachment, contact the sender and confirm the email and attachments are legitimate. Ensure that you do not reply to the email to confirm the contents are legitimate.
  2. Once confirmed, release the original attachment by following the steps below;
  • Open the attachment “We sent you a safe version of your files”.

  • Click the Request Files button

  • A web browser message will launch as below.

  • Check your mailbox for the released email including original attachment/s.

What can I do to further protect myself against e-mail cyber-attacks ?

Cybercriminals commonly use email to deliver malicious software. Some emails carrying malicious software may appear to be a legitimate invoice from a supplier or the government. Always check the sender’s address, ensure the request looks valid, and consider whether the email is expected before responding to them.

Be extra careful with emails that:

  • You are not expecting or that contain unexpected requests such as unscheduled or overseas funds transfer requests from the CEO or CFO.
  • Come from unknown senders or an unusual address.
  • Contain attachments or suspicious links.

If you receive an email you believe to be suspicious please delete it immediately. Do not to open any attachments or click on any links contained with emails that look suspicious or come from unknown senders

Who should I contact if I require additional assistance or if I wish to report a cyber incident?

Please contact the Information Technology Service Desk on 9594 7255 (option 1).

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