Antibiotic Awareness Week: 18-24 November 2019

World Antibiotic Awareness Week raises awareness about the issue of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem, deemed as one of the greatest threats to humanity by the World Health Organisation.

At Monash Health we can all help to preserve the power of antibiotics by using them wisely. When you prescribe or administer antibiotics please consider the duration of your antibiotic course. Prolonged antibiotic therapy is a cause of antibiotic resistance. You can help reduce prolonged courses by documenting or checking for a review date, or an automatic stop date for the prescription.

We also need to educate and engage patients about their antibiotic therapy, focussing on the reasons for taking antibiotics and the importance of taking them as prescribed.

Join us in our fight against antibiotic resistance! For more information, please visit the educational displays located in the foyer of our largest sites and

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