World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day, held on 1 December each year, is a significant opportunity to show your support for people with HIV. Even the simplest gestures – such as wearing a red ribbon pin – can go a long way to showing that you care and help to break down community stigmas.

HIV can affect anyone, people with HIV often feel isolated because of their fear of being discriminated against and not being accepted.

In 2018 there were 833 new HIV diagnoses in Australia. Feeling accepted and having ongoing support available can make a big difference in helping people deal with the physical and emotional challenges HIV brings.

Another way to support people living with HIV is to engage friends and family in a conversation about HIV, taking the opportunity to increase understanding, decrease stigma and dispel the myths that still exist in our society.

If you know someone who has HIV, it is important to remember that at Monash Health there are services and organisations that can provide assistance to them if needed. These services and organisations can offer you advice on how you can support people with, or closely affected by HIV.

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