16 Days just the beginning

Today is World Human Rights Day, marking a close to the 16 Days of Awareness Against Gender-Based Violence.

We’ve introduced an awareness campaign over the 16 Days, featuring employees from all parts of the organisation and drawing attention to many of the health-related facts about family violence.

It’s also been an opportunity to bring you some more detailed information about how Monash Health is addressing family violence and elder abuse through our policies and procedures, training, educational events and referral pathways. Importantly, it was also an opportunity launch our guide about supporting our own staff who may be experiencing family violence.

Bookmark the family violence support landing page and come back on the intranet when you have a question … or check out our FAQs.

If you haven’t had training yet, please make a booking for 2020.

The 16 Days is just the start. Very soon we will be bringing you more information on an updated family violence clinical guideline – this will be the key document to help guide how we respond to anyone experiencing family violence. And the team is always available to take your questions.

Why is this so important?

Last week the Herald Sun reported Victoria Police information which shows the prevalence of family violence issues in our own communities.

They reported that almost 100 protection orders a day are being taken out against those using family violence in Victoria. Police also recorded over 82,000 family violence incidents in the year 2018-19, up 8.6 per cent on the year prior.

These are just some of the indicators of the size and potential impact on our consumers. There is a lot of work to do.

A huge thanks to our colleagues who put their names and faces to the ‘You can ask’ campaign (see below). You’ll be seeing more of them as we continue our focus on this major health issue.

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