Humpty Dumpty generously donates a cooling bed to Neonatal Intensive Care

Humpty Dumpty has generously donated a cooling bed worth $45,000 to Monash Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The cooling bed is used to treat hypoxic brain damage, deprivation of oxygen and blood flow to the brain at birth, and control the core body temperature of newborns who are at risk of developing brain injuries or significant disabilities.

A key benefit to this cooling bed is that the blankets can be wrapped about the baby and allow parents to hold them as other blankets restrict contact.

“The blankets have the added benefit of wrapping around the baby so that babies can be held by their parent’s. We are incredibly grateful for the generous donation from the Humpty Dumpty Foundation,” said Jacquie Taylor, Director of Clinical Operations for Monash Newborn.

The cooling bed is a key management role in improving the chances of survival, reduce disability and improve brain function.

For the past 29 years, Humpty Dumpty has donated over 400 pieces of medical equipment to paediatric hospitals, emergency departments, maternity wards and neonatal units around Australia.

Thank you to Humpty Dumpty for the generous donation.

“We are delighted to be donating this Arctic Sun Temperature Management System valued at $45,500 to Monash Medical Centre’s Newborn Care.  It is with the generous support of our donors, Fred Penney & Anni Macdonald-Penney that we have been able to make this difference to Monash Children’s Hospital,” said Humpty Dumpty Foundation Founder and Executive Chairman Paul Francis OAM.



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