Take care of yourself, your colleagues and your family

The festive season can be a time for celebration, but for some, we know it can be a difficult time.

If you notice that someone you care about is not going so well during the festive season, it’s important to check in and remind them of the services we have available at Monash Health.

We care about your mental health and wellbeing and are committed to supporting you throughout the holidays with a wide range of resources.

Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program offers a group of trained peers that are available to listen and support you in times of need on a range of health and wellbeing concerns.

Please contact peersupport@monashhealth.org or visit the Peer Support intranet page for more information.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional counselling service that offers confidential, short-term support for a variety of work-related and personal problems that may be affecting you at work or at home. This service is available to employees, immediate family members and volunteers for counselling and coaching support. There are eight programs providing assistance and support, and five specialist helplines.

Call 1300 687 327 or visit the EAP Portal. The login for the EAP Portal is monashhealth as both the username and password.

Remember the EAP is available every day over the Christmas and New Year period.

For more information, visit the intranet for more information and read this FAQs flyer.

Mental Health and Wellbeing training developed in partnership with the Black Dog Institute

Mental Health and Wellbeing training is available on Latte – Monash Health Learning Platform. The training consists of four eLearning modules with accompanying podcast and fact sheets. The aim of this training program is to provide practical ways to increase workplace resilience and empower you to look after your own mental health and the mental health of your colleagues.

Occupational Violence and Aggression Support Pack

There is an OVA intranet page available with a range of information and support material, including the OVA Employee Support Pack. This is a guide for employees who have been involved in an OVA incident at work. It has been created to guide you through any workplace incidents, including steps to follow and where to seek support.

Your manager

Your manager is here to support you in times of need.

Gymnasium at Clayton, Kingston and Dandenong

Exercise may help your mental health and wellbeing, either on or off-site at a gym or simply by going for a walk.

Occupational Health and Safety

If you are injured at Monash Health, please visit the Safety Intranet – Injury Management Page or contact:

OHS Advice Line on 9594 6140 or safety@monashhealth.org

Injury Support on 9554 1852 or injurysupport@monashhealth.org

Injury Support http://intranet/health_safety/imbp.htm

Monash Care http://intranet/monashcare/index.html

Monash Doctors https://monashdoctors.org/monash-care/

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