Introducing our new standards for your login passwords (Effective 1 Feb 2020)

To improve our IT security, Monash Health has introduced the Health Sector passphrase standard. Passphrases are a series of words that are longer, easier to remember, and harder to guess than traditional passwords.

Next time you change your password you will need to pick one with:

  • 13 characters minimum
  • Complexity such as upper case, lower case or special characters are no longer required

Your passphrase will never expire unless:

  • The passphrase is contextually weak, for example using Monash Health, MonashHealth or Monash
  • The passphrase is commonly or publicly breached, i.e. Password123 or has been disclosed on the internet
  • The passphrasebecomes known by someone other than the password owner

If your passphrase does not meet these requirements, then you will need to set a new password.

How to create a stronger passphrase

The critical thing to remember when creating a password is that longer is stronger! Think of a passphrase that is made up of at least four words, including at least 13 characters, for example, ‘horsecupstarshoe’. Make it meaningful to you, so it is easy to remember, and you may include spaces as part of the passphrase.

Do NOT include the following in your passwords:

  • Mixed letters, numbers, and symbols (for example “Adicv35@$;p” as it becomes hard to remember and it then gets written down on a sticky note)
  • Single dictionary words, your street address or numeric sequences (such as 1234567)
  • Personal information (for example your month of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc)
  • Any passwords you have previously used

For any questions or concerns about the new policy, please contact Service desk (03) 9594 7255 – Option 1

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