‘Protect’ – the new Workplace Inspection system – is now live

The completion of Workplace Inspections to reduce the likelihood of injuries in the workplace is one of the key targets from the OHS Strategy 2018-2023.

We are commencing 2020 with the introduction of an improved Workplace Inspection software system called Protect. This is now live and ready for use.  It is simple to use and will enable us to improve our reporting capability.

There are three key changes that are being introduced with Protect:

    1. MARS will no longer be used to record Workplace Inspections
    2. We can track ‘actions’ in Protect
    3. Inspection locations have been revised and are available in Protect


Workplace Inspection audits in MARS have been disabled. Please use Protect to complete all Workplace Inspections from this point forward.

Actions system

Protect allows you to record the actions that are identified during a Workplace Inspection. There is a specific section on the inspection checklist where a manager will be able to provide comment on how an issue was rectified and indicate when it was addressed.

The actions system will also provide you with the ability to report on open actions to ensure we meet our target of closing all actions by the end of the following quarter.

Inspection locations

Inspection locations have been revised to ensure all physical areas occupied by Monash Health have an available workplace inspection location in Protect. Where possible, inspection locations have been aligned with the physical space occupied by the relevant Designated Work Group (DWG) or department/s.

In some cases, previous inspection locations have been merged to reduce the number of Workplace Inspections that are carried out for small, individual spaces. Floor maps for major sites and buildings visually define and list the negotiated inspection locations for ease of reference. For minor sites, a list of inspection locations is available.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the dedicated Workplace Inspections page on the Safety intranet. The page will continue to be our main channel for providing updates and resources to support Protect. The page contains:

      • A link to Protect
      • Quick User Guides
      • Training material
      • Inspection Location maps and lists
      • Frequently Asked Questions; and
      • Communication resources

If you require assistance with using Protect or have feedback, please contact the safety advice line on 9594 6140 or safety@monashhealth.org.

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