Former Monash Children’s Hospital patients off to school

Almost five years ago, identical twins Mila and Mika were born at just 28 weeks after undergoing an Australian-first surgery at Monash Children’s Hospital. Today, the pair are off to school.

Before being born, Mila and Mika were diagnosed with Twin Anemia Polycynthemia Sequence, a rare condition that starved Mila of blood and left Mika with too much.

The twins received life-saving blood transfusions while still in the womb, allowing them four more vital weeks of growing before being born.

The blood transfusions were made via injections to Mum, Simone Lichtenstein’s, abdomen and into the twin’s tiny blood vessels.

Simone told the Herald Sun earlier this week, “To see them going to school is something else for me — I didn’t even know they were going to live.”

In a message to Monash Health, Simone said “Thank you to the Monash Health doctors and nurses for everything they did to save Mila and Mika, it will never be forgotten.”

Good luck Mila and Mika!

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