World Delirium Awareness Day

Wednesday 11 March is World Delirium Awareness Day. The focus for this year is on delirium prevention and early detection. .

The aim for the campaign is to highlight this often under recognised but preventable condition. Delirium is a serious medical condition, where people’s cognition and attention fluctuate and can often develop over a short period of time.

Delirium is relevant to all clinical areas, anyone can develop delirium and one in five hospitalised patients experience delirium on any given shift. People in hospital and in particular older patients and those with pre-existing cognitive impairment are at greater risk. If delirium is identified early it can be prevented in 30-40% of cases.

To recognise World Delirium Day the Cognition Clinical Team are encouraging you to get involved, some ideas include:

  • 4AT blitz, make sure every patient has a 4AT completed that day
  • Place posters from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Links to posters below. 
  • Hold an afternoon tea and talk about Delirium and what your ward currently does to care for patients with Delirium
  • Decorate your ward with Delirium or Brain Bunting- get creative!
  • Be a Delirium Superhero and dress up
  • Review patients with a 4AT of >4 and hold a MDT bedside huddle about strategies in place to care for the patient with delirium
  • Take photos (aware of consent and privacy) around what you’re doing to raise awareness on your ward and tweet it with the #WDAD2020 @Monash Health @iDelirium_Aware

What are Monash Health doing for Delirium?

Monash Health has implemented the Delirium and Dementia Initiative. This is an organisation wide approach to improve the recognition and management of patients with delirium in our care. If we screen patients early using the 4AT and identify risk factors and potential causes we can improve the care and experience of all our patients.

We also use the Sunflower tool which is used to collect information about patients and helps to improve their overall outcome and experience. Download the sunflower tool here.

Download the posters for your ward by clicking below

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