Apple and Aphasia Victoria visit the Cheltenham Aphasia Group

On Tuesday 25 February, the Monash Health Cheltenham Aphasia Group had the pleasure of hosting an information session with the team from the Apple Store at Southland and Aphasia Victoria.

The apple team brought a selection of iPads for the clients to practice on and presented ‘hands-on’ demonstrations with the group. The session included instructions and assistance on how to access and operate spoken content, which allows the user to have the device read any written text aloud.

Spoken content is a useful function for people with aphasia who find it hard to read but can understand spoken words. The person with aphasia can follow along with the text while listening to the words. This allows our clients to access books, newspaper articles, emails, and text messages.

After the session the team from Apple commented on how much they had learned about aphasia and encouraged all group members to come into the store so that they could support their communication further.

The group has already reported increased confidence in using technology, and that their access to different forms of communication has drastically improved. Some of the group members are even teaching those that missed out on the session!

The Monash Health Community Team would like to thank Dan, Ash, Kim and Joe from the Apple Store Southland for their enthusiasm and patience, along with Konrad and Mimi FROM Aphasia Victoria for their support of this program.



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