COVID-19 calls for level heads, big hearts and clean hands

The key message to the community in efforts to manage the spread of COVID-19 during this global pandemic is ‘wash your hands’!

The message is no different for us, but it’s even more crucial for our vulnerable patients and residents.

Thorough hand washing and correct use of personal protective equipment are the best ways to reduce your risk of coronavirus infection.

In or out of work, wash your hands often with soap and running water, rubbing them all over for at least 20 seconds.  Dry with paper towel or hand dryer. Encourage others to do it too.

This should happen before eating, after coughing or sneezing and after going to the toilet.

For those in a clinical setting or with direct patient or resident contact, Monash Health has a hand hygiene procedure which sets out in clear detail, the steps we are expected to follow.

Download hand hygiene posters now

To take further action, download posters for your ward and entranceways. There are several options:


Read more about hand hygiene procedures on PROMPT

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