Now available: Cisco Webex Meetings, a new video conferencing solution

As we prepare and respond to COVID-19, Monash Health is now rolling out a new video conferencing solution that will assist us with our evolving working from home and service requirements.

Cisco Webex Meetings is a video conferencing and digital collaboration solution that will enable your team to run team meetings online, provide remote consultations with other employees and host digital forums.

The software is now available for all Monash Health employees. Soon, the Webex Meetings Control Panel will appear on your PC and integrated as part of Microsoft Outlook in the form of icons available in the Quick Access Toolbar.

If you’ve been invited to a Webex meeting, you can join the conversation in an internet browser like Google Chrome or via the Webex Contol Panel, log in remotely using the smartphone app, or even dial-in with a phone call.

The host of the meeting may send you an automatically-generated meeting invite with the details, or they might send you a link or phone number separately.

Scheduling a meeting
Once Webex Meetings Control Panel and the Quick Access Toolbar are installed on your computer:

  • Click “Start a Meeting” or “Schedule” from the Webex Control Panel
  • Or, via Outlook through the Webex icon in the calendar located in the Quick Access Toolbar


You can also host a Webex online meeting via a browser. For a one-on-one meeting, log on to and share your personal meeting ID with another person. If you would like to host a meeting with more than one other person, visit the same web address, and use the meeting schedule tools to invite as many people as you need to a once-off or recurring meeting.

To see if Cisco Webex Meetings can support your work, visit our new COVID-19 page regarding meetings, events and training.

We’re working on new working from home information, including an extensive collection of Webex guides to help you become a video conferencing professional.

For more information about using Webex, please contact the Information Technology service desk or speak to your manager.

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