OVA support and protocols

In this constantly changing and challenging environment, we are all impacted.  Holidays, weddings, regular appointments and routines have been postponed, suspended or changed – not only for our patients and consumers, but for all of us.

This uncertainty and change can cause stress and anxiety and there is an increase in the potential for our employees to experience occupational violence and aggression.  Security Officers and OVA posters are in place in all emergency departments, COVID-19 screening clinics and visitor screening locations. These posters communicate our right to expect respect within our workplaces. Also take care in areas surrounding our sites as people who are turned away due to visitation restrictions may behave with increased agitation.

Please report all OVA incidents in RiskMan to help your manager to provide you with support. In addition to your manager, other support available to you includes:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – call 1300 687 327 or through the EAP portal.
  • OVA Support Pack and other resources available on the OVA intranet page
  • Peer Support
  • Black Dog Institute Mental Health and Wellbeing training available on Latte.

Monash Health has also just established a dedicated ‘Call a Psychologist’ service which will go live today. It will initially operate from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. This service is additional to existing EAP services.

Call a Psychologist is a free and confidential service to all Monash Health employees provided by Monash Health psychologists.

It provides the opportunity to pause, receive emotional support and promote self or group efficacy. Sessions can be provided in person or by teleconference.

If you think you can benefit from the Call a Psychologist service, call 0418 905 414.

Download the OVA posters for your ward here. 

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