Supply of essential stock

To ensure all our clinical areas and departments are appropriately stocked, we are implementing changes for the ordering and management of limited supply and critical stock items.

Download and familiarise yourself with the new critical supply order flowchart now.

COVID-19-specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been agreed and pre-ordered in ample quantities to be available across all sites. There is no need to stockpile at the ward level as this introduces the risk of theft and interferes with the supply to other wards.

Hand sanitiser has become a critical stock item. We commonly use two products for hand sanitisation, which includes Avagard within clinical areas and Cutan across non-clinical areas. Please note that for daily use, Avagard is to be prioritised for clinical areas and will be managed accordingly.

To manage critical supplies and PPE, we will require authorisation from DCOs who were nominated at each site.

Discuss orders of critical supplies with your manager who will order and authorise them via the nominated DCO.

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