Reminder about donations of food, items and funds

Over the past few months, Monash Health has received many enquiries from businesses and the general public generously wanting to donate food, toys and equipment such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The support is much appreciated, but it is important to remember the process for receiving and recognising these gifts.

If you receive any enquiries about donations of any type, please thank the potential donor and direct the call or email to the Monash Health Foundation. The Foundation can be contacted on 9594 2700 and via email,

An overview of what can and can’t be accepted is below:

  • Food that needs heating or refrigeration cannot be accepted, for food safety reasons
  • For food donations to be accepted, the items need to be individually wrapped, such as muesli bars.
  • In the case of toy donations, the toys must be new, wrapped and sealed and able to be wiped down. For example, a sealed box of Lego.  Cloth or wooden toys cannot be considered.  More details about toy donations can be found here:
  • Proposed donations of PPE will be directed by the Monash Health Foundation to Procurement.
  • Gifts of money should be directed to the Monash Health Foundation.

While we are appreciative of donations, it is important that we still follow processes so please, if you receive queries about donations, thank the potential donor and direct them to the Monash Health Foundation.

Authorised by Ron Fairchild, Director, Monash Health Foundation on 27 April 2020
Signed off by HICT on 29 April 2020

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