Casey Hospital update – 1 May 2020

Message from the Chief Executive 

I am very pleased to be able to share with you the extraordinary efforts of the Casey Hospital team.

Under challenging circumstances, they continue to provide high-level care for patients, while delivering a significant boost to Casey Hospital’s capacity.

Two inpatient units are now up and running and I am pleased to report that Tower L4 will also open soon. Changes are underway to update the General Surgical out-of-hours model, and new Medical Specialty consultation services will commence soon.

Casey Hospital’s new ICU will commence admitting patients from Monday 18 May 2020.

ICU timelines for this have had to adjust as we work through elements of the ICU model that branch into broader hospital operations. These outreach models will provide added support for wards, and enhance medical emergency management.

I would like to particularly acknowledge the outstanding work of the Casey team, and People and Culture in their recruitment drive. We are extremely pleased with the calibre of those recruited to the new ICU and service overall, and look forward to the ICU coming online.

Thank you for your support as we significantly boost the capacity of Casey Hospital.

Andrew Stripp
Chief Executive​

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