Workplace Inspections for this quarter are now due

All Workplace Inspections for this quarter are now due. Your workplace inspection form is available in Protect. Our completion rate so far this quarter has been low, so please ensure all inspections are completed in your area.

Many thanks to everyone who has already completed their inspection. Workplace Inspections are a vital and mandatory component of your OHS responsibilities. They help to provide:

  • Regular opportunities to identify issues of concern and start actions to put suitable controls in place to reduce risk;
  • A safe environment for all employees, patients, visitors, volunteers and contractors;
  • A quarterly process to ensure that hazards are identified and addressed promptly.

All Unit, Area and Department managers are accountable for:

  • Assigning the task of a Quarterly Workplace Inspection report to an employee
  • Ensuring the Health and Safety Representative/s are given the opportunity to be consulted throughout this inspection process
  • Ensuring that the results of the workplace inspections are entered into the online Workplace Inspections form and submitted; and
  • Ensuring corrective actions are implemented to address documented hazards and that both the proposed action and completion date are entered into the system by the end of the following quarter.

Please read the Quick Guides available on the Safety Intranet Page:

For help and support in completing your Workplace Inspection please contact:

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