Casey Employee Spotlight: Fairley Wijesinghe

The completion of the Casey Hospital Expansion Project is a major milestone for the entire organisation. With construction complete, we are recognising and celebrating the ways many teams from across Monash Health prepared, consulted, planned, and adapted to the major changes.

Today we focus on Fairley Wijesinghe, Acting Manager, Food Services at Casey Hospital.

“Food Services were involved from the very early stages of project planning. We worked closely with the nursing and allied health teams and support services to plan and prepare for changes. This involved tours to orientate our team into new spaces, and mock food deliveries to help identify any issues with the SmartPak system.

“Thankfully we had good workforce and equipment plans in place, and the transition has been smooth. We’ll keep fine-tuning to ensure we’re meeting the needs of patients and listening to the suggestions and needs of our colleagues.

“I’ve been very impressed by the new wards. They have a good ambience and state-of-the-art equipment that will allow a high level of medical care. It’s an exciting time as we keep up with the fast-growing community out here in Casey.”


Approved by Andrew Perta, Sue Kirsa, and Sharon McNulty

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