Positive hand hygiene results

We’re continuing our good work with hand hygiene, meeting our targets for the second month in a row and recording over 80% compliance across all sites.

Auditors from within Monash Health observe our clinicians, assessing compliance with the five moments of hand hygiene throughout the year. This month’s result is pleasing, given the current context of our work.

However, hand hygiene needs to be front and centre of everyone’s mind – always.

When auditors are on the ward, they may take the opportunity to engage with you and provide some coaching around missed moments. Remember to thank anyone who offers you hand hygiene feedback – this is an important part of keeping ourselves accountable and our patients safe.

You don’t need to be an auditor or a senior staff member to pull someone up on their hand hygiene. We’re a team, and that means working together to make sure we do the right thing or help our teammates or seniors understand the process.

You can access hand hygiene training on Latte.

Posters reminding you of the five moments of hand hygiene for your ward are available here.

Approved by Rhonda Stuart

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