Employee Spotlight: Intensive Care

The completion of the Casey Hospital Expansion Project is a major milestone for the entire organisation.

With construction complete, we are recognising and celebrating the ways many teams from across Monash Health prepared, consulted, planned, and adapted to the major changes.

Penny Woodward, Nurse Manager, Intensive Care Unit, Casey Hospital

It has been extremely rewarding to be part of expanding Casey Hospital, especially the planning and preparation that has gone into the Intensive Care Unit.

Being the first ICU in the region, we’ve always been acutely aware that this expansion will dramatically change the patient case mix at Casey Hospital. With higher acuity comes more complexity, and we have planned extensively for this. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we’ve had to adapt our plans and timelines, but my team and site management have worked really well to achieve this.

It has been fantastic to work with colleagues from across the site as we develop outreach models that allow ICU to offer support for wards and units across the site. We also worked closely with People and Culture during our massive recruitment drive, and we’re delighted with the calibre of those we’ve brought on board. We’ve also had extensive orientation for employees new to ICU, new to Casey, and new to Monash Health.

I am looking forward to admitting our first patients, particularly so the features of the new facility have been so carefully designed to improve the experience of our patients and their families.

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