Changes to PPE requirements for Code Blue, Code Grey and MET response

New PPE requirements for clinical teams attending MET and CODE  Blue responses were published in the CE update of 9 April. These rules were further refined, and campus specific details published on 23 April 2020. These requirements applied to MET and Code Blues on ALL patients regardless of COVID status. 

Recent guidance from the Australian Health Protection Principle Committees has stated the current prevalence of COVID-19 in Australia does not require asymptomatic individuals to be regarded as suspected COVID-19 cases. 

Currently within Monash Health, all patients with any symptoms of COVID 19 are tested and managed as suspected COVID 19 in droplet precautions until cleared. 

Based on the above the Health Incident Command Team in consultation with the Executive Committee and senior clinicians have reviewed the PPE requirements for Code Blue, Code Grey and MET response and taken the decision that effective 18 May 2020, these PPE requirements will apply only to COVID 19 confirmed or suspected patients. For patients not suspected or confirmed to have COVID 19, MET and Code Blue teams may attend in routine standard precautions.

UPDATED Friday 22 May 2020: Please download and review the latest document.

 PPE requirements in Operating Rooms

Effective 18 May 2020, Tier 3 PPE is required for COVID confirmed or suspected patients. For all other patients standard operating room attire (eye protection surgical masks) applies unless the patient is in precautions for another infectious disease, in which precautions appropriate for that disease will apply. 

External Code Blues 

External Code Blues will continue treated as suspected COVID and appropriate PPE required. 

Intubation teams

Dedicated intubation teams had been deployed at Clayton, Dandenong and Casey campuses for intubation of elective and semi-elective patients of confirmed or suspected COVID 19 patients. These teams will cease operations effective 18 May 2020. ED and ICU senior medical staff have been trained in video laryngoscopic intubation to ensure that adequately trained clinicians are available 24/7 to safely intubate patients using the best technique. 

Authorised by Dr Anjali Dhulia, Chief Medical Officer 

Authorised by Prof. Carlos Scheinkestel, Interim Service Director Critical Care Stream 



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