Employees cheer as last patient discharged after recovering from COVID-19

In the battle against COVID-19, frontline healthcare workers are critical. Also, critically important: inspiring stories of recovery!

Those two things came together in one happy moment last week at Dandenong Hospital as we discharged our last current COVID-19 patient.

Cheers and fist-bumps from Dandenong Hospital employees is what Mr Adbul Kusdian experienced on Wednesday afternoon as he was discharged to Kingston Centre. Watch the video here

“When Mr Kusdian arrived, we didn’t expect him to make it through,” a Dandenong Hospital employee recalled.

He was in ICU, intubated and ventilated for three weeks and received excellent care.

It was the team’s “can do” attitude, coupled with Mr Kusdian’s fight to stay alive, that led to his discharge to Kingston Centre. Employees were so pleased with his recovery.

“He was a bit of a legend. He made a remarkable recovery. We all wanted to take photos with him.”

Mr Kusdian had nothing but gratitude for Monash Health employees, saying “I’m very thankful to staff for saving my life.”

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